Luxury Survival Community

We have created community

that will allow you to continue enjoying the luxuries of life, even in the most difficult times for humanity.
We are ready to preserve your well-being in any situation that affects your safety
Infectious disease at the State or National level, in which isolation is mandatory
Natural disasters
Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, uncontrolled fires, destructive magnetic solar storm
Riots at the Local, State and National levels, situations in which law enforcement agencies cannot protect the population. High danger due to possible terrorist attacks. War declaration
Nuclear threats
Risk of nuclear attack, use of chemical weapons, leakage of radioactive elements, contamination of water supplies.
Financial system collapse
Collapse of the digital payment system, inflation, currencies that lose their value, our financial managers and advisors can prepare you for any financial collapse and our security team will take care of your physical security

Сhemical and biological threats
Use of Chemical/Biological weapons. Massive cyber and drone attacks on facilities that can lead to chemical material leakage


We want you to feel free and protected.
Private Security
24/7 security, organized and controlled by former members of the US Special Forces. A concrete wall and various electronic security systems that control the entire territory. We have first aid medical personnel, an ambulance and all the material for the prevention of infections. Ritz Haven is located in a territory that is not a member of any military alliance and has no conflective neighbors.
Business Center
Fully equipped Business Center with MAC computers, printers, scanners, tv screens, desks, video conferencing service, high speed internet. Possibility of having a personal assistant. You can have an exclusive personal office or also share the office by hours, all the offices, that are shared, pass disinfection after being used and before a new user.
Electricity supply totally generated by us. Own drinking water wells. Ritz Haven has a food supply stored in its underground vault ready for 3 years of total isolation. Own supply of medications, all for the prevention of infections for any situation. Air filtration systems in each building.
Restaurant and Room Service
3 daily meals included in each subscription and guaranteed even in situations of total isolation. It is also possible to have à la carte meals in our restaurant or to orders in your room.
Ritz Haven is located on an island.. We offer evacuation with a charter flights(in case you are in danger), which is included in the subscription price for each member of the community. We have agreements with several companies that provide charter flights. No one will be left behind
Kids Club
We have everything for little members of our community. Toys for all ages, PS consoles, outdoor play facilities, special food and the possibility of having a personal babysitter
One- and two-bedroom suites and Club Level accommodations offer additional space, services and five-star amenities in solid concrete and steel underground bunker with NBC air filtration system.

For security reasons we do not share images of bunkers.

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Ritz Haven is located just 3 hours from New York in a picturesque location, in the Caribbean island, neutral territory, without conflicts with other countries, it is not part of military alliances, excellent climate.
A large number of unique plants are concentrated in the territory of the complex, planted in a special way to protect you during outdoor activities, isolation and preserve your privacy.
Also at Ritz Haven we are concerned about higher risk situations and for this reason at the moment we are in the process of building underground Bunkers that can support everything, and they will be comfortable and safe like everything in Ritz Haven.


Preparing supplies, for our community members, to survive fully autonomously for a minimum period of three years, needs a lot of effort and planning.
Ritz Haven outfits each accomodation with all of the food, fuel, materials, supplies, furnishings, fixtures and equipment needed for the long-term survival of each member group. Every consideration is made for the overall safety, security and comfort of each community resident.
Each Ritz Haven villa, home or apartment is stocked with an abundant supply of fresh growing vegetables and freeze-dried foods, meats, grains, selected for ongoing taste, variety, nutrition, energy, and ease of preparation. Members of community will enjoy well-balanced meals with 2,500 calories on a daily basis .

Ritz haven also stores a large quantity of necessary materials and equipment. Each member of the community is provided with personal hygiene material, articles for the prevention of infections. You can also request and personalize your personal stock of medications or some other product that may be necessary for your well-being.
Each accommodation in our community is equipped with access to a deep underground water well for a continuous supply of fresh water, a solar energy system, we also have fuel reserves.

We provide all necessary extensive medical equipment, security devices, survival gear, books, educational and entertainment materials, gym equipment, tools, spare parts, radios, computers, televisions, movies, games, safes, off-road vehicles, non-hybrid seeds, farming tools, hunting and fishing equipment, and much more.

Everything needed is provided, prepared, ready and waiting for potential threats and lockdown to ride out whatever the events may be.

How it works

Choose your plan and become a community member
Pick your subscription plan and book your accommodation type. Fill the form and sign an agreement. Send necessary ID documents. Receive your individual member card.
Request evacuation in case of Emergency
Call us at the Emergency Number (provided to members only) to request your evacuation plan. Provide your unique community member information (personal code) and prepare for evacuation.
Evacuation point
Follow the instructions and show up at the exact time and place for the charter flight. The chosen airport will be as close as possible to your location. You must have your membership card to be accepted on the flight. Only one 45 pound suitcase accepted (per person).
Enjoy your stay at Ritz Haven. Feel safe!
Register at the reception when paying your stay and enjoy security, privacy and care in a beautiful place.
Why should you pay for subscribtion?
Due to the fact that the number of applicants exceeds our ability to provide a complete, comfortable and safe accommodation, we are forced to use a payment reservation system (membership).
A paid subscription allows us to train personnel, provide you with an evacuation flight, keep the accommodation at the appropriate level for any unforeseen event, buy the necessary emergency kits, store medications and be prepared for any situation at any time.

Protect Yourself, Subscribe Now

Chose your package and accommodation type

Choose Your Subscription

The subscription is paid monthly. Monthly payment guarantees your chosen accommodation reservation for one month and also seat on the evacuation flight.To choose annual subscription please contact the reservation office at
Choose the right option for you or for your whole family.
Important: accommodations prices or currency of payment may vary depending on the emergency situation, to ensure the price contact the reservation office in advance.
Individual subscription (one adult). Accommodation in a villa(4 bedrooms) shared by 4 people with an individual subscription.
  • Evacuation
  • Franchise: 4 month*
  • small personal tv screen, large shared tv, personal wardrobe, safe, small personal fridge with non-alcoholic drinks renewed daily, free WIFI.
  • Single bed.
  • Single bed in shared underground bunker, in room with maximum 2 adults
  • Supply of first aid drugs, vitamins. Masks, disinfectants gloves for personal protection against viruses.
  • Nespresso machine & complimentary capsules.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Access to business center 3 hours (daily) of shared office.

Daily accommodation cost in case of emergency situation: First 3 months 30USD per day of residence. From the fourth month 20USD per day of residence.
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Private accommodation in Villa (5 bedrooms)/ 1 person in 6 persons villa (minimal subscription two persons)
  • Evacuation
  • Franchise: 2 month*
  • One private villa with big garden, private pool, jacuzzi, three 65" TV, safe, fridge with free daily renewed minibar (drinks with alcohol and without), Free fast WIFI.
  • King, Queen and Twin beds; max 6 guests
  • Supply of first aid drugs, vitamins. Masks, disinfectants gloves for personal protection against viruses.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner(a la carte).
  • Nespresso machine & capsules
  • Kids Club access
  • Private Gym
  • Queen bed in private underground bunker (maximum 2 adults)
  • Business center access, private office for 5 hours (daily).

  • Daily accommodation cost in case of emergency situation: First 3 months 180USD per day of residence. From the fourth month 150USD per day of residence.
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pictures views

The Ritz Haven offers you spectacular views of the nature , vegetation, your luxury and safe accommodation, which makes your stay comfortable, independent and protected from all possible threats.
Survival has never been so luxurious yet!
4 persons
SIZE 700 SQ FT | 66 SQ M


  • Comfortable accommodation in shared villa
  • Spectacular views of the Island
  • Spacious, contemporary interior
4 adult persons
SIZE 700 SQ FT | 66 SQ M


  • Spectacular views of the Island
  • Spacious, contemporary interior

6 adult persons
SIZE 700 SQ FT | 66 SQ M


  • Spectacular views of the Island
  • Spacious, contemporary interior

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