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What's the difference between being in love and to love? ⠀

Being in love is so nice. You feel hormone cocktail in your blood, you feel butterflies in your stomach, your productivity rises even though you don't sleep enough. You see world is so beautiful and so sunny. You focus on a person you are in love with, and you feel so happy, when you are able to be near and just watching him or her.

To love is a verb, which means you wish your beloved to be happy. You start care, doing things which makes him or her happy. You make your decissions from the point of view that your beloved would feel happy. It's hard, it's about pure love. Like a mother loves her kids. Doing something just because she loves.

Is it possible to love that way? Not like win win game between the partners, but as pure feeling when you just fulfilled with happiness of making your beloved happy.

I hope, because I do know what is love. Still when you love that way and it doesn't work - in final there is just pain. So sometimes its easier to make simple choice. Not to open your soul, not to love just live in comfort. 
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