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Coaching program with Yulia Shvydka
Coach, Intuitive Healer, Motivational speaker

What I learned about people is that unconfidance and emotional blocks could stop you on your way to life you want to live. Do you feel sometimes that your habits, limiting beliefs, your thoughts, uncertainty doesn't let you reach your goals, your behavior patterns destroy your relations, and you keep yourself out of success and happiness?

Good news are that it could be changed. There are many emotional blocks in your body, and we can release them. Your habbits, everyday routine could work on you, and not against you. Just think how many heavy thing you carry on you every day during all your life. Time to release your body, your mind and your soul to make your life happy.

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What you will discover
Releasing of emotional blocks and programs
Our brain protect itself from painful memories and avoiding getting back to them. But it also block them in order to recognize pain immediately and to take you out of decisions which could bring you to failure. So everybody has their own cross purposes and mixed wishes, their memories and phrases holding you from life you deserve. Clear them and you would see changes.
Discover your purpose
Self sabotage often appears when you are not confident in your dreams and goals. Get clear vision of your truth purpose and what is your mission on this planet. Sometime that's not clear, but after you released your emotional blocks, cleared all programs not letting you listen to your soul and let the source energy in, that become so pure.
High vibrational feelings inside you
When we clear emotional blocks a lot of empty space left in your body. You can fill it with joy, happiness, love and grace.
Building confidence and selftrust
No hesitations or doubts in your choices, you would hear your inner voice and trust yourself deeply. So any fear, any program, any person or circumstances couldn't break you down.

Achieve emotional balance
Your emotional state is often like a rollercoaster? Many thoughts in your mind and it is hard to fall asleep? Clearing emotional blocks would bring you to the calm and happiness.
Boosting your growth
Once your blocks released, you filled with high vibrational feelings, you know what is your purpose and motivated to reach it, you listen to your soul, build relations with yourself and your beloved ones. You no longer need outsource support, you just have it inside. It's become so easy to reach any goal, any dream, anything which makes you happier.
Meet Your Trainer
intuitive healer, creator of the energy blocks releasing method
I have been working with people all my life in different spheres, in different countries, with different mentalities and beliefs. My gift opened to me 3 years ago, when I started to feel other people emotions and realized I really can help to release them even if they have not enough power to do it themselves. We can't help others if we didn't passed the way ourself and my life story has so many experiences of going through the difficulties staying in positive vibes. I know that I can help if you have a wish to a changes.
I found out that the main reasons why people can't reach their dreams is blocking energies and fears.
To clear fears and cross purposes, programs, patterns from your soul you need only 3 things: to have a willing, to be able and to know how.
And if you just have a willing to changes, we could start your journey, releasing anchors, spreading the sails to get to your soul awaking, balance, calm, happiness, and complete trust and love to yourself in living your dream life.

I am proud of people who faces to a challenge to change their life.

It's now your turn!
Listen to your heart and make a choice to join
Get your individual plan today
How does it work?
Our first call will include short talk about you and your root purpose.
First clearing session
Building trust, diagnosing the blocks, releasing them, filling the opened space with positive energy.
Finding the ways to your dream life
Working with blocks left after the first session, clearing programs, working on life values and your happiness scale.
Reaching balance and confidence
Making detail plan and making simple steps to follow it
You would get such a results
Fast results
You can spend years in therapy or pass the short program of clearing sessions to release all blocks and all anchors to be in source to live your dream life.
Meeting your own personality
Get know what do you like, what do you dislike, what triggers you, what patterns and programs are running in you. Develop true love with yourself, full acceptance and confidence.
Mind rewriting
Rewriting the programs and patterns you got from your family and the society, allows you to act differently, even not getting hard all new habits and your new choices would be made from love, but not from fear. This concept of life goal - would make you happy.
Vocation and true values
The only reason you procrastinate is you don't know why should you do that?
When you know who you are, what brings you happiness, know how to listen to your inner voice, you focus on your dream. As a result your income increased because you know the value and love yourself. Effective methods of planning and goal set allow you to reach your goals as fast as wind blows.
Get your individual plan today
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